109/ edits of Yixing: Petition for Yixing to sport an updo more often

kyungsoo - “it’s ok,it’s love” - next episode preview

αngєl hun vs dєmσn hun


140826 SMTown Update - LOST PLANET in SINGAPORE


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when he glances at you like that and you know you won’t ever be as alluring as he is.

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32(5)/32 of my TLP fancams ϟ ending the night with a group selca

Exo - 1st Look magazine 

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chanluhan fooling around (ft. confused!yeol)

LAY - MCM Runway

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Kim Jongin playing with:
      ↳a ladybug, two apples, a scooter, my feelings, his hair, the camera during the Die Jungs photoshoot.

I hereby accept Luhan and Jongdae as my bias list wreckers.


peek-a-boo with luhan (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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Die Jungs DVD - Yixing
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